Monday, 24th July 2023

90 + 7 heaven!

Sunday’s Bet of the Day looked in peril as the game between Young Boys and Lausanne in the Swiss Super League reached half-time with neither side scoring.

Then a goal for each side shortly after the restart gave us fresh hope as there was still plenty of time for the third goal that would win the bet. However, 90 minutes arrived and it was still 1 – 1.

Salvation came in the 7th minute of added time when Young Boys were awarded a penalty kick, which they duly went on to convert. 2 – 1 was the final score, and another Bet of the Day success was recorded.

One day a late, late goal will win you the bet; on another day the same will lose you the bet. Such are the fine margins in the football betting world!

The Bet of the Day for today is, in fact, two bets. Both bets come from the same match, and both are equally as viable. I could not tip one bet and dismiss the other, which is why both are shown in the YouTube Short below. Watch now for all of the details: ๐Ÿ‘‡

By Steve

I'm a soccer betting enthusiast using ever-improving strategies to beat the bookie. Through this website and social media, I aspire to help inspire others interested in football betting to do the same.

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