Thursday, 29th June 2023

Misjudgement Day

I placed this bet thinking that Italy U21 would play for the win rather than the draw which was all they needed to progress to the next stage. This is where I made my first misjudgement, as Italy did, indeed play for the draw.

My second misjudgement, and Italy’s big misjudgement, was to underestimate the resilience of Norway U21 and their belief that they could still qualify with a win. Norway did win 1 – 0 but it turned out that it wasn’t enough to take them through to the next stage.

This was, for the second time this month, our fourth Bet of the Day defeat in succession. With any betting strategy, there will be bad runs. Survival depends upon the quality of the strategy and we believe ours has the quality to survive.

🤞Our fingers are crossed for the hope that our losing run ends today. How do you rate our chances? Take a look at today’s Bet of the Day in our YouTube video below: 👇

By Steve

I'm a soccer betting enthusiast using ever-improving strategies to beat the bookie. Through this website and social media, I aspire to help inspire others interested in football betting to do the same.

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