Wednesday, 31st May 2023

A third win on the spin! 😀

Even when Riga went 0-1 down after 23′, we didn’t feel the need to panic. We were sure that they would overcome the deficit as soon as they got into their full stride and the Daugavpils goal would help meet the minimum of three we required.

Sure enough, Riga equalized on the stroke of half-time. “A good time to score”, as they say. Another Riga goal just 7′ after the break meant that the right team was winning and that we had enough goals to win our bet. A third Riga goal on 84′ ensured their victory and ours. 3-1 was the final score.

That’s three consecutive Bet of the Day wins now, the first time we have achieved that since the first three days of this month. We’re hoping today’s Bet of the Day will bring a fourth successive win. To view it, hop on over to our YouTube channel now. 👇

By Steve

I'm a soccer betting enthusiast using ever-improving strategies to beat the bookie. Through this website and social media, I aspire to help inspire others interested in football betting to do the same.

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