Free daily soccer betting tips including the famous “Steve’s Soccer Shots Bet of the Day”

Our win ratio usually runs between 70% to 80%.

You can find our daily tips and the Steve’s Soccer Shots Bet of the Day by clicking here.

Long-term football betting strategies ⚽

Start small, reinvest winnings.
Build up a large betting stake pot.
Use winnings to stake larger bets.

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Please note that the Premium Predictions Club has been discontinued. All Steve’s Soccer Shots predictions are now FREE!

Bet Selection Tips

Do you want advice and tips on how to pick out likely winning candidates for bet selection from the hundreds of fixtures played daily?

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Betting To Win Strategy

After following our Bet Selection Tips, why not use them in conjunction with our Betting To Win Strategy to build a cash lump sum from reinvestment of your winnings?

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The “No Lose” Project

Starting 1st October 2023, I’ll be experimenting with my “No Lose” Staking Plan with the Bet of the Day as the guinea pig.

I’ve done the maths and applied them to past results. It should work!!

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