The Betting To Win Strategy

Before Placing Any Bets

See our Bet Selection Tips section before placing any bets. It is essential for the success of the Betting To Win Strategy that the bet selections you make are compatible with it.

The Betting To Win Strategy is not a get-rich-quick strategy. This strategy is aimed at long-term wealth building. If you need money quickly, this strategy isn’t for you. However, if you’re happy to take time to build up a large lump sum to earn an income from, this strategy may be for you.

Patience is the keyword for this strategy.

Start-Up Cash

For this strategy, set aside a sum of money that you can afford to lose. This can be as little as £20, €20, or $20, whatever your currency may be. If you can afford more, by all means, use more. However, I wouldn’t recommend more than £100 to start up. We’ll refer to this sum as “The Bankroll” from here onwards.

HINT: If you really don’t have any cash to get started, most online bookmakers will have an offer of free bets to entice you to open an account with them. You can make use of several of these offers to set you on your way.

Amount To Stake

Using this strategy together with our bet selection tips, there will be winning runs but, inevitably, there will also be losing runs. These losing runs tend to be three, four, or even five bets in a row. However, during the early experimental stages of this strategy’s development, losing runs of up to fourteen bets were experienced.

I don’t expect losing runs of this magnitude again, but the length of previous losing runs is why the amount of cash to stake on a bet was set at one-twentieth of the sum held in The Bankroll. That way, even if one of those long losing runs were to happen again, there would still be some cash left to carry on betting. I see no reason to change that now. It provides a comfortable safety net. 

Here is the reason why the minimum amount of cash I recommend to start up The Bankroll is £20: –

The smallest stake most online bookmakers will accept is £1. As our stake is one-twentieth of The Bankroll, the minimum size of The Bankroll is 20 x £1 = £20.

If you are new to serious football betting, however much you can afford to fund your bankroll, I suggest starting with the £20 bankroll and £1 stake bets until you have gained some valuable, hands-on experience.

Reinvest Winnings

As previously stated, the Betting To Win Strategy is aimed at long-term wealth gain. For this to happen it is essential that the cash from all winning bets is used to grow The Bankroll. That is until there are enough funds in The Bankroll to maintain its size while raking off your desired target income.

As the size of The Bankroll increases, so does the amount to stake each bet. At £1 bets, The Bankroll is going to grow very slowly at first. But that’s okay. You’re learning your trade. You’re working out which bets work for you and which ones are a disaster. It doesn’t matter when you’re only betting £1 at a time.

Then The Bankroll starts to grow from your winnings. All of a sudden it’s reached £40 and you’re placing £2 bets. This time you’ve gained a little experience; it doesn’t take you as long to double the amount in The Bankroll again to £80 and £4 bets. You only have to double the size of The Bankroll four more times, and you’re in the thousands. You only have to double it three more times after that to reach the tens of thousands. Do you see how The Bankroll can potentially snowball?

Rake off an income

You don’t have to stop there. The potential is also there to go on doubling up to the hundreds of thousands or even the millions. However, let’s say, for example, we’ve built up The Bankroll to £10,000. One-twentieth of that is £500. Place a £500 winning bet at odds of 1.2, and you’ve made a £100 profit. At odds of 2.0, that’s £500.

Okay, in the betting game, you’re not going to win every day. Let’s say as an example that you reach a point where you win £200 every other day on average. That’s £3,000 per month tax-free. It would be enough to live on without having to work for someone else.

However, you don’t have to stop there. If you’ve grown The Bankroll to £100,000, using the same sums that’s £30,000 per month! I think this makes being patient early on and waiting while you reinvest your winnings well worthwhile.