New! The “No Lose” Project

The No Lose Project

Starting Sunday, 1st October 2023 – The “No Lose” Project

The “No Lose” Project – Almost risk-free betting

Starting on 1st October, I’m starting The “No Lose” Project. This project is based on three elements:

  1. Steve’s Soccer Shots’ “Betting To Win Strategy”
  2. The free “Bet of the Day” prediction
  3. Steve’s Soccer Shots’ “No Lose Staking Plan”.

The Betting To Win Strategy

The Betting To Win Strategy put in simple terms involves starting with a set bankroll.  The size of the bankroll determines the size of your basic betting stake, or “point”, as the latter is a proportion of the former.

Any winnings are then reinvested into the bankroll, thus increasing the value of your betting stake.

For the purpose of this project, the bankroll needs to be at least 100 points. For example, if you are using GBP as your currency, you would need a minimum of £100 for your initial bankroll to have a basic betting stake of £1. 

If you cannot afford to lose £100, please do not join this project. Only bet with money you can afford to lose.

You can read in more detail about The Betting To Win Strategy here:

The free “Bet of the Day” prediction

Every day, for just over six months now, I have been publishing for free on YouTube my “Bet of the Day” prediction. This is the one prediction from anywhere between 3 and 25 I make each day that I feel has the best chance of winning versus the odds value. 

I’m the first to admit that it’s not a runaway success, but it has had its moments with winning sequences of 4 to 9 correct predictions. 

And I did have 8,000 followers on TikTok until my account was forcibly closed down.

The worst losing runs have been 4 incorrect predictions in succession. The last fact is what “The No Lose Staking Plan” is based upon.

After six months, it was blatantly apparent that The Bet of the Day was standing still. It wasn’t losing money but it wasn’t winning enough in terms of cash. I needed to change something. Hence The No Lose Project and The No Lose Staking Plan.

From the 1st of October, The Bet of the Day will be used by Steve’s Soccer Shots to road test The No Lose Staking Plan.

The “No Lose” Staking Plan

Let me make it clear from the start that The No Lose Staking Plan is very much dependent upon my skill as a football punter, or your skill if you are using your own selections,  not to make more than four erroneous predictions in succession. 

As I stated previously, since Bet of the Day started over six months ago, I have never made more than four losing predictions in succession, a record that I will do my utmost to maintain. 

The No Lose Staking Plan involves increasing the size of the betting stake after a loss to maintain the bankroll value to what it would have been had all bets won. 

I have developed a formula to determine the size of the betting stake after a loss:

Stake = desired bankroll value – actual bankroll balance divided by odds -1, when the odds are in the continental format.

If I had applied this formula to the Bet of the Day results from the 1st to the 25th of September, we would be now showing a 15-point gain, rather than the almost 2-point loss we actually have.

I will say again that this formula only works for a sequence of up to four losses. After that, the size of the stake starts to grow so much that you need to be the owner of a social media company to be able to afford it. 

The stake size up to four losses remains within the 100-point bankroll capability. If the unthinkable should happen, i.e. a fifth loss, I advise you to cut your losses and start again from scratch when you can comfortably afford to do so.

What if it actually works?

If The No Lose Project experiment proves itself over a period of, say, three months, I will consider applying it to an adapted version of The Premium Predictions Club.

It would have to be adapted. At present, several predictions could be in action at the same time. This is possible because we are using a common betting stake for all bets. Under The No Lose Project, only one prediction could be in action at any one time, as we need to know the result to determine the stake to place on the next one.

In practice, this would essentially cap the Premium Predictions at a maximum of twelve picks per day. This would involve choosing the best of several contenders, which should increase the quality and chances of winning.