I have been following fixed-odds football betting since it became legally possible for me to bet in the mid-1970s. 

Although I had a good knowledge of the English and Scottish football leagues at the time, I was still inexperienced at betting. Most wagers I placed were based either on guesswork, emotions, or both. Consequently, I didn’t have many wins.

My interest in football betting then waxed and waned over the years. It was only around ten years ago when I started working nights and needed an interest to keep me awake and alert, that I started taking it more seriously.

Instead of betting blindly, as I had been, I started researching teams and fixtures including current form, fixture history, and any relevant circumstances that could affect the outcome of a game.

At first, I was still losing too many bets. I was only betting pennies, so I was in no danger of placing myself in financial hardship.

I refined my research and gradually became more strict over which match outcomes I rejected when making my final selections.

I added more leagues from more countries to my research. At first, this was so that I could continue betting during the UK closed season, but now I research the whole fixture list worldwide every day searching for those “certainties”.

In the long-term, my ever-improving bet selections by the end of 2022 had me achieving a win rate of around 40%. However, this meant that overall I was still losing money.

So far in 2023, I have improved my win rate to 50%. This is still not enough to make significant amounts of money, but at least I have now stopped losing money.

I am now working on improving my win rate to 80%, then the cash will start coming in. I am getting there, step by step. I invite you to join me on this journey. If I can get this system to work for me, it can work for you also.

Apart from the odd day when no realistic bet is possible, I place anywhere between one and twelve bets per day. I publish what I consider my most likely-to-win bet each day as the Bet of the Day on both TikTok and YouTube. You can read about how each Bet of the Day performed the next day after on my News Page.

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Please read my Disclaimer before placing any bets, whether based on my tips or otherwise.