Tuesday, 22nd August 2023

Hosanna in ex-Chelsea

Goals from former Chelsea strikers Giroud and Pulisic delivered a 0 – 2 victory for AC Milan and brought us back-to-back wins for the fourth time this month.

It’s true that a straight Away Win bet would have more than doubled the return. However, statistically there was a significant chance that this match could have been a draw and I believe we have a responsibility to recommend what we consider a “safe” bet to you.

So far this month we have not achieved three wins in a row. Is today the day? Take a look at today’s Bet of the Day in the YouTube Short below: ๐Ÿ‘‡

By Steve

I'm a soccer betting enthusiast using ever-improving strategies to beat the bookie. Through this website and social media, I aspire to help inspire others interested in football betting to do the same.

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