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Sunday, 22nd October 2023

Last gasp winner sends Bet of the Day into profit

We regained our winning form yesterday, but only by the skin of our teeth. Our pick for a home win, League One side Portsmouth, were being held to a 0 – 0 draw by their visitors, Carlisle, right up until 90+2 minutes. Then, at 90+3 minutes, they finally managed to break through their opponent’s defence to win the game 1 – 0. 

That’s our sixteenth October Bet of the Day win, which gives us a win rate of 76% for the month so far.

It was an even better day for The Premium Predictions Club. We lost one selection due to bad weather, leaving us with twenty-five. From these twenty-five, we had twenty winners. This gave us an 80% win rate for the day and helped push the October win rate up one point to 73%

For today’s Bet of the Day, we have another match result selection where, in my opinion, the odds are on the generous side. View this YouTube Short to learn all of the details.👇

Regular viewers will know that I am conducting The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day for this month. For this experiment, the default betting stake is 1 point. When there is a loss, the next stake is raised to compensate the bankroll for the previous loss. As we won yesterday the stake reverts to 1 point.

Three weeks into The No Lose Strategy experiment, and it appears to be working so far as The Bet of the Day project moved back into profit for only the second time. It will take several more weeks before we can declare the project a success, but we’re hoping it keeps Bet of the Day in profit permanently.

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