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Thursday, 26th October 2023

Atletico see red – our winning run is dead

Sadly, our four-day winning run came to an end yesterday in the UEFA Champions League group match between hosts Celtic and our pick for an away win, Atletico Madrid. Atletico came from behind twice and I believe they may have gone on to win had they not had a player red-carded. The match ended in a 2 – 2 draw. In spite of this setback, the Bet of the Day win rate for October is still a healthy 76%.

In contrast, The Premium Predictions Club had yet another fantastic October day with six wins from seven selections. This translates to an 85% win rate for the day and reinforces the 73% win rate we are holding for October.

We aim to bounce back with a win from today’s Bet of the Day and that is why the odds are somewhat more cautious than yesterday. Watch this YouTube Short to find out about Thursday’s Bet of the Day.👇

Is this the start of a new winning run?

Regular viewers will know that I am conducting The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day for this month. For this experiment, the default betting stake is 1 point. When there is a loss, the next stake is raised to compensate the bankroll for the previous loss. As we lost yesterday, the stake required to recover the bankroll at today’s odds is 5.91 points.

Over three weeks into The No Lose Strategy experiment, and it appears to be working so far as The Bet of the Day project remains in profit. It will take several more weeks before we can declare The No Lose Strategy a success, but we’re hoping it keeps Bet of the Day in an upwardly mobile profit permanently.

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