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Thursday, 16th November 2023

Added time equalizer brings us down again

We suffered our first double defeat yesterday, i.e. losses on two consecutive days, for the first time this November. It all looked very rosy in this UEFA Champions League Women Group Stage match when our Home Win tip, Bayern Munich W, established a 2 – 0 lead by half-time. But it all changed in the second half as Roma W first pegged one goal back and then, in the 91st minute, equalized to make the final score 2 – 2.

The Premium Predictions Club suffered one loss, but the remaining two of the three selections came out as planned. This 66% win rate for the day just about upheld the November win rate of 69%.

We could really do with a win from today’s Bet of the Day, and we believe we have the right selection to achieve this as we join in with the international break. Watch this YouTube Short for all of the details.👇

Is this the start of a new winning streak?

Regular visitors will know that I am conducting The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day as of 1st October onwards. For this experiment, the default betting stake is 1 point. When there is a loss, the next stake is raised to compensate the bankroll. As we lost for a second time yesterday, to compensate the bankroll and bring it up to where it would have been, today’s stake at today’s odds is raised to 14.23 points.

At the end of the first month of combining The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day, we have turned a loss of nearly 12 points into a profit of over 6 points. That’s a gain of over 18 points. However, we need to consistently repeat this month after month before we can call the experiment a success.

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