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Tuesday, 16th January 2024

Sochaux way to go!

After the shock of Girona not winning for us on Sunday, it was good to come straight back with a win yesterday. In the French Ligue National, Sochaux defeated Nimes 1 – 0 to deliver our tenth Bet of the Day success this year. 

The media tells us that Monday was the saddest day of the year. Not for The Premium Predictions Club, however.  We have beaming smiles as all of our five selections were successful. For the past five days, we have delivered over 75% win rates each day. The win rate for 2024 has now edged up to 74% as a consequence.

Let’s see if we can follow up on yesterday’s Bet of the Day success with another one today. Watch this YouTube Short for all the details of today’s tip.👇

Is this tip ripe for another win?

Regular visitors will know that I am conducting The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day as of 1st October onwards. For this experiment, the default betting stake is 1 point. When there is a loss, the next stake is raised to compensate the bankroll. We won yesterday and the stake of 3,52 points fully compensated the bankroll for the previous day’s loss. Today’s stake returns to the standard 1 point.

Since combining The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day, we have turned a loss of nearly 12 points into a profit of almost 30 points. That’s a gain of over 42 points in just three months. If we can repeat this over the next three months, then we can think about making real profits by gradually increasing the default stake.

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