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Friday, 16th February 2024

Double penalty trouble to the benefit of Benfica causes Toulouse to lose.

Steve’s Soccer Shots Bet of the Day Friday, 16th February 2024

In the Europa League yesterday evening, Benfica defeated Toulouse rather fortuitously 2 – 1 to provide our third Bet of the Day win in a row and our twelfth in fifteen this month. Benfica’s win was aided by the award of two second-half penalty kicks. The first was debatably a dubious call; the second, which was more obvious, came at 90+7 minutes.

Thursday was an excellent day for The Premium Predictions Club as we enjoyed our first 100% return this month. Seven predictions provided seven wins. The win rate for 2024 remained stable at 71%.

The odds for today’s Bet of the Day selection are, with apologies, a little shorter than usual. It was, in our opinion, the best value for odds versus the possibility of winning opportunity for today. Watch this YouTube Short for all the details for today’s Bet of the Day.👇

This we believe is the best prospect for scoring a fourth successive win today.

Regular visitors will know that I am conducting The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day as of 1st October 2023 onwards. For this experiment, the default betting stake is 1 point.  As we won for a third day in succession yesterday, the stake for today’s Bet of the Day is the standard 1 point.

Since combining The No Lose Strategy experiment with Bet of the Day, we have turned a loss of nearly 12 points into a profit of over 50 points. That’s a gain of over 60 points in just five months. If this trend continues, there will be enough in the bankroll in three months time to begin gradually increasing the default stake and accelerating the rate of profit on the road to earning some serious money.

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